imagination is everything.

“It’s just about showing up and getting started and then something amazing happens or it doesn’t happen.
All that matters is you enabled a chance for something to happen.”

Do not hesitate to contact if you have
some project in mind.

Hello! I am Enes Baran. I’m a ui/ux designer. I am studying for a master’s degree in visual arts at Istanbul Aydın University. Previously, I completed my visual communication undergraduate education at Istanbul Beykent University. User interface design is not only a visual design, it shapes with user experience. That’s why i study my bachelor’s degree in sociology at Istanbul University at the same time since it is a discipline that works on the society and human’s interaction. I’m a person who is curious to learn, a dreamer, creative and very interested in art. I enjoy being at every step of the design process.



“Design Your Message 2” Visual Communication Category Second Prize – Çelişki Movie Poster


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